Do You Know the Tyrol?

The Tyrol for You

Wonderful landscape, great hospitality, sports, culture and leisure.

But not only that: In meeting us you will learn, experience and see more of our country.

Find out about the Tyrol's fate in history, serving as passage and intersection for all of Europe. Not to mention the desire it fired in kings and land lords - and where it stands today.

Our region and it's neighbours Eastern- and Southern - Tyrol (Italy), Bavaria and Salzburg are full of things to see and hear about.

All this is waiting for You.

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Languages served:

Austria Deutsch Italien Dutch French GB Spain Rusia Greek

Our Phone: +43 (0)676 772 3023 or with "Enquiry & Booking" at the top of this page.

Our Tours

Our Guided Tours:

Professional passion is what Austria Guides represent. Your visit will be an unforgettable one.


  • City-Tour (approx. 60 Minutes)
  • Fortress-Tour (approx. 60 Minutes, plus time allowed for lift-transportation and/or footwalk up/down.)
  • Fortress-Tour for kids with dress-up (max. 25 kids)
  • Fortress-Tour"Daily": (Mid May - Mid September) always at 12:40 hours,  starting at "Schlossrondell"


  • City-Tour
  • Weekly Program City-Tour (approx. 60 Minutes)
  • City-Tour incl. "Augustinermuseum" (approx. 90 Minutes)


  • City-Tour "classic" incl. "Franziskanerkloster"(approx. 60 Minutes)
  • Extended Tours on request (approx. 90 Minutes)


  • City-Tour (approx. 60 Minutes)

Our Specials

In addition to our "Core-Regions", we also guide at other places like Innsbruck, Salzburg or in Southern-Tyrol and Bavaria - just to name the important few.

  • Tour-Guiding (half or complete day)
  • Russian Language Tours at all destinations
  • Fortress at Night
  • Fortress-"Knight"-Workshop for Kids

Kufstein at Night (approx. 60 Minutes)
Romantic guided tour in the evening light. Booking required. Summer start 8:30 p.m., winter start  7:30 p.m.
Meeting Point: Info Office, Unterer Stadtplatz 8
Preis pro Teilnehmer: € 6.00, mindestens  € 60,00

Our Prices

"Was es wiegt, das hat's:"

Kufstein: (Tours approx. 60 Minutes)
Group-City-Tours (for groups with local oivernight stay) € 45.00
City Tours (Standard) € 78.00
Fortress-Tour € 2.50/pax, min. € 50.00
Fortress-Tour for Kids with Dress-Up (max. 25 Kids) € 3.00/pax, min. € 60.00
Fortress "Daily"-Tour, always at 12:40 hours from "Schlossrondell" € 2,50/pax, min. € 15,00
Rattenberg: (Between 60 and 90 Minutes)
City-Tour € 70.00
Weekly Program "City" € 43.00
City with "Augustinermuseum" € 109.00
Schwaz: (Tours between 60 and 90 Minutes)
City-Tour "classic" with Franziskanerkloster € 85.00
Extended Tours on Request€ 100.00
Kitzbühel: (Tours approx. 60 Minutes)
City-Tour € 120.00
Our Specials:
Tour-Guide Service (half day) € 140.00
1 ) Tour-Guide Service (8 hours) € 170.00
Russian Tour-Guide on request
2) Fortress at Night € 3.00/pax, min. € 60.00
3) Workshops for Kids € 80,--
1) If city-guiding Innsbruck or Salzburg is requested: € 30.00 in addition
2) Additional translator for multi lingual groups available on request. Are events of Top City
3) Are events of Top City. Only in summer.